Which Type of Angel Investor is Perfect For Your Startup?

Every entrepreneur is aware how tough it is to raise money to fund your startup business. That is by far the biggest hurdle for most startup companies, not to mention the growing number of competitors vying for your intended market. If your idea is scalable and worth staking money on, you will not have difficulty securing funds for your business. People like Brian Gaister active angel investor will come knocking your doors in the hope of giving your company its much needed monetary boost to get you started.

When you have exhausted your wallet trying to fund your business endeavours, pitching your product to angel investors is your best approach. Identifying the various types of angel investors will help you know more about them and how they can add value to your startup.

1. Corporate Angels. These are past executives who are either products of company downsizing, decided to retire early or have been replaced in their executive posts. You have to be careful though because many corporate angel investors are known to invest in one company and seek a paid position as part of the business agreement.

2. Enthusiast Angels. These angel investors are typically older businessmen from ages 65 and above who are already rich before making their investments. They usually invest in small capitals in various enterprises and think of investing as a mere hobby.

3. Entrepreneurial Angels. These types of angel investors are already successful and own their own businesses. Their steady cash flow from their own companies allow them to take risks and provide larger capital funds for startup businesses. Pennington Partner & Co Brian Gaister is an example of an entrepreneurial angel investor.

4. Trend Angels. They are the less experienced angel investors. However, they tend to invest in latest trends of modern technology and new inventions. Many of them simply enjoy the risks and excitement of launching new technology into the market.

5. Professional Angels. They are investors who are professionally employed as lawyers, doctors, accountants, programmers, etc. and invest in companies related to their specific niche.

6. Typical Angels. These are investors who have extensive experience in operating successful businesses of their own. They have accumulated wealth over their career and are more hands on. Brian Gaister active angel investor is one example of a typical angel.

Being a Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) and a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®), Brian Gaister active angel investor is a valuable addition to your startup. He is not only focused on funding startups but is also passionate about giving back to the community. His contribution to Generation Hope’s Scholar Program has long-lasting effects on the lives of children born in poverty. Being included in the 2016 Honor Roll of Donors of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore is a meaningful experience for Brian Gaister. He also believes in service as a way of giving back that is why he serves on the economic council for Jewish Community Services in Baltimore, Maryland as well as on the economic committee for the Bender JCC of Greater Washington. Pennington Partners & Co Brian Gaister and his team also participate in events like Beauty Pitch 2016 to help the winning beauty company with their needed startup fund.

Impressing investors like Brian Gaister Pennington Partners to fund your startup typically depends on the products or services you offer. When you provide solutions to common problems that clients face on a daily basis, angel investors will not hesitate to put their money on the table.

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