Making the Most Precious Purchase in your Life? Guide on How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Love is when your partner’s happiness is more significant than your own. According to the famous Andy Williams’ song, love is a many splendored thing. Did you know that splendor is another word for brilliance? And when you hear the word brilliance, the first thing that pops into your mind will be the most brilliant stone on earth – the diamond. When you have decided that she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, it is almost automatic for guys to stress on looking for the perfect jewelry shop to check options on pretty diamond engagement rings to choose from.

Here is a factual guide to help you simple guys with no flair for jewelry whatsoever on choosing an engagement ring that your future wife will surely cherish and love. Not only that, there are also tips and tricks on how not to mess up your choice and get the most value out of your hard earned cash.

Step 1: Choosing the right gemstone.

The most classic engagement ring gem style includes a diamond at its center. If your girl wants something more unique, there are luckily more options to choose from. But according to the demographics, 90% of sold ones are diamond engagement rings. The second most common gemstone for an engagement ring is the sapphire one. These sapphire engagement rings are cheaper than diamonds. This means that you can buy a bigger sapphire for the centerpiece of the ring. Most people think that sapphires are only of a deep blue color. But actually, there are pink, yellow, and other colors to choose from.

Step 2: Choosing the right shape of the gemstone.

There are ten standard shapes to cut a diamond into. Round cuts are the most common gemstone shape, and they cost more than the others. By choosing a non-round shape like the princess cut or the cushion cut, you can save more money.

Step 3: Choosing the precious metal for the ring itself.

You can choose from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum for the actual ring. The most durable one is the platinum but it costs more. Take note of what kind of jewelry your future fiancé currently dons to get a hint on what kind of precious metal she prefers.

Step 4: Choosing the style of the ring.

Observe the type of clothes your girl normally wears for going out. Her style when it comes to clothes, furniture, or even gadgets will reveal the type of ring she will prefer to wear. Diamond engagement rings can be of a classic, glamorous, vintage, or nature-inspired style.

Step 5: Agree and fix a budget.

Buying an engagement ring should be as comfortable as you are with your future fiancé. Stick with your budget. Also, check all the available payment options for you like a layaway plan, bank wiring, or financing.

Step 6: Find out her ring size.

You want to be as discreet as possible when doing this part. The best way is to sneak out a ring from her jewelry box to size it. You don’t need to stress on this part since most jewelers offer resizing.

Tip: Go all out and request for a customized ring!

If your future fiancé is the artistic and unique type, you should consider getting a customized engagement ring.

Tip: Try buying an antique ring!

For vintage-loving girls, an antique engagement ring will be much appreciated. These usually cost less than a new one of the same quality.