Enhance storage space with minimum burden on your budget

Many of the industries and business enterprises always find lack of storage space to keep the raw materials and finished goods. Hiring a self storage facility may not be economical. Therefore, in order to augment the situation, it is appropriate to install pallet racking Sydney firms provide.

True to its name, the pallet racking is a makeshift racking facility to store your products. The pallet racking can be used in homes, schools and colleges; in short pallets can be used in places where there is constraint of space to store the materials. Interestingly, recently, while making stage setting for a particular drama, reused materials were affixed to the pallet racking. After the particular scene, the pallets were removed to quickly set the stage for a banquet table.

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Versatile application:

This highlights the versatile application of pallet racking Sydney firms provide. Apart from augmenting the space constraints, the pellets also offer you various other benefits. In the first place, the pellets will not have any protrusions. As a result, this type of racking facility minimizes the tripping points for those moving around the pellets. The pellets are normally made of steel, aluminum and such other products. Individual shelves are made of either plywood or steel depending on the requirements of the client. Click here for SKY RAC

Easy to dismantle and reassemble:

The pallet racking Sydney professionals provide is lightweight. In fact, depending on its overall size, just 2 people would be enough to move the pellets. The pellets are so designed that with the help of a fork lift you can easily load or unload the materials either from the front or from the side. This racking can be easily dismantled and reassembled at any place of your choice. In the normal course, you may not require the services of the manufacturer to either dismantle or reassemble the pellets.

In different sizes and designs:

The pallet racking in Sydney is available in exclusive sizes. The column of the pallet is provided with several key holes which enable you to arrange the individual shelve to your specific requirement. Further, the pellets are available in varying thicknesses and sizes and each pallet unit is marked with maximum load bearing capacity.

Compliance with Australian standards:

The Sydney pallet racking is always manufactured in compliance with the prescribed Australian standards namely AS4084 : 2012 Steel Storage Racking. According to Australian Standards, the design of the racking should be in compliance with the size, shape and weight of the product to be stored. The standard also prescribes that the materials should be stocked and operated according to the instructions given by the manufacturer of the pallet rack.


Although you can assemble the pallets without any reference to the manufacturer, wherever required the manufacturer will assist you in this job. The manufacturers also provide you warranty on every product.


You should ensure that pallets are not exposed to moisture which can cause corrosion of the material and thereby the pallets may lose their strength. Further, while loading or unloading with a fork lift, care should be taken to ensure that pallets are not damaged.

Competitive price tag:

If you are planning to find pallet racking Sydney wide, you may visit reputed manufacturers like the http://www.skyrac.com.au/pallet-racking-sydney-nsw/. These manufacturers have introduced pallets that are compatible with the Dixion racking facility. In fact, such pallets enhance the versatility of this type of racking system. In addition to this, these manufacturers offer the pallets at a competitive price.