Buying Prime Movers in Australia

The Australian trucking industry is still one of the most robust in the world with several major players in the industry. Although the heavy duty is still dominated by the European models, there are certain Japanese trucking brands which are now shaking the wave in the industry with more robust features and superior performance. One of these is the UD Trucks which now offers one of the best rated prime mover for sale in its Quon range.

prime mover for sale

There are several things that you need to put in mind when you are planning to buy a new prime mover for sale Australia market has. Here is a look at how you can put a business case for your truck purchases:

Consider the Life-Cycle Cost

There is no question that choosing the right prime movers for sale is going to add a lot of value for your business. However, buying a prime mover is not just about the specifications, you also have to look at the business side of truck acquisitions. One of the most important factors that you need to look at is the life cycle cost of acquiring the truck.

The life cycle cost is simply the total cost that you are going to incur for the life span of the truck. When you are buying a prime mover for sale, focus on those features that will reduce your truck life cycle cost and make the truck cost-effective to operate and maintain over the long term. At the same time, you must look at those features that will improve the uptime of your truck. A better way to look at this is by asking yourself how your choice of truck is going to affect the following:

· Fuel consumption

· Cost of financing the truck acquisition

· Truck insurance

· Services

· Cost of acquisition and reselling of truck

· Driver re-training

· Accommodation: for example, does the truck have spacious sleeper cabs?

Driver Satisfaction

This is another important feature that you need to focus when you are shopping for prime movers for sale Australia market has. There are lots of truck standard features that generally improve the driving experience for just about anybody. These include the following:

· Sufficient engine horsepower that is up the job.

· Automatic transmission system that will enable the driver to have greater control in specific situations.

· Driver seat and position should be such that it will reduce driver fatigue and ensure there is maximum driver comfort.

· The instrument panel should have a layout that will ensure that everything is visible and easily reachable.

· Less noise is preferable. Too much noise is a major contributing factor to driver fatigue.

· Optimal position for the air brakes and sound system.

Fuel economy

When you are buying a prime mover for sale in Australia, the fuel economy should be uppermost in your mind. It is always advisable to choose an aerodynamic profile in your trucks. There are lots of ways in which manufacturers can achieve a good aerodynamic profile that will reduce drag and help you improve fuel efficiency.

Avoid buying more than you need

When you are shopping for a prime mover for sale, it is advisable to buy only what you will actually need for your job. Do not splurge on prime mover trucks that you don’t really need based on your current hauling demand.

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