Affordable Designer Classics in Elegant Seats

The Barcelona Love Seat was designed and produced by Ludwig Miles van der Rohe, the main contributor to the modernist movement in architecture and design, and Lilly Reich, a specialist in fabric design. The chair was first exhibited at the 1929 Expo in Barcelona. Will the price be set at a level that only collectors can afford? Barcelona love seat prices are affordable and this chair is available for purchase.

Barcelona love seat prices

Modernist Design

There were two prongs to this movement in the 20th Century. One was the desire to simplify architecture and design. The other were the advances made in material technology that help make this possible. Both of these strong elements are evident in the Barcelona love seat. The phrase “less is more” was attributed to Miles van der Rohe. However, without a high degree of engineering precision, this work could not have been realized. Miles van der Rohe pioneered the use of steel and glass in modern buildings. The same attention to detail and precision can be seen in the Barcelona love seat. The way the legs curve perfectly and the use of upholstery shows that “form follows function”. This is the other key phrase of the modernist movement. These  are set at a reasonable level, which makes it possible to own a piece of design history that can still find a place in many homes.

The Modern Barcelona Love Seat

The original Barcelona chair was made from iron bolted together, and ivory colored pigskin was used for the upholstery. In this modern reproduction, polished stainless steel has been welded together. There are different leather options available in a variety of colors. You do not have to own a motor yacht to afford these Barcelona love seat prices.

Eames Chairs

There were further Metro Furniture material innovations in the 1950s and 1960s. The husband and wife partnership of Charles and Ray Eames started to explore the possibilities of using aluminum, plywood, fiberglass and plastics. These were still minimalist in design but reflected the new optimism of post war America.

Eames Office Chair.

This chair is now seen as the “executive chair”. It took its final form in 1969. This chair uses aluminum for its “five star” base and chair framework. This is, again, precisely formed and engineered. It can swivel in 360 degrees. The chair can tilt and the height can be adjusted using a pneumatic gas system. You don’t have to be a managing director to afford these eames office chair prices.

Eames DSW Chair.

This is one of the innovations in molded plastic pioneered by Eames. This evolved from developments in World War Two with the introduction of polyester and fiber glass. Molded mass produced chairs became a real possibility. This resulted in an ergonomic seat design. The modern version on sale uses a molded polypropylene seat with a choice of light coloured beech legs or walnut coloured legs, arranged in an “Eiffel style” framework. The seat comes in six different colours.

These eames DSW chair prices are again not exorbitant.

Eames DSR Chair.

This variation has substituted wooden legs in the case with chrome wire welded rods. Again a variety of color options are available for the seating. The eames DSR chair prices are set at level that is not going to break the bank.

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